Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms of use carefully before using this site or our mobile app.

1. Introduction

These Terms of Use govern your use of our website (www.dukanji.se) and our associated domains (our “Site”). These Terms of Use apply whether you are accessing our Site through an internet browser or through a Dukanji "App" on your mobile device (the "App"). These Terms of Use apply whether you are a guest or a registered user. By using our Site / App, you accept these Terms of Use in full. If you disagree with these Terms of Use or any part of them, you must not use our Site / App.

2. Who we are

We are Source A Network AB. We are registered in Sweden under registration number 559162-6212. Our registered address is Lysekil, Our VAT number is SE559162621201.

Dukanji is a trademark registered to Source A Network AB, a company that sells goods and groceries through a web shop. To shop with us you must be at least 18 years old. If you have any questions or concerns about us, you are always welcome to contact us. You reach us [email protected]

3. Contract

3.1. Availability of the service

Please make sure that you are over 18 before placing an order on Dukanji.se.

The products offered are distributed in some European Union member states: Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania; as well as in Norway.

Physical persons resident outside these countries may only benefit from the online purchasing service of this webpage if the delivery address of the order is located in one of the above countries or territories.


3.2. Orders

You place your order through our website dukanji.se. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us via email at [email protected]

When you place an order, it means that you accept our terms and conditions and that we are allowed to register your social security number and / or organization number in our systems. (More information about how we process your personal information can be found further down this page under the Integrity & Cookie policy). A purchase agreement is created when we have confirmed the order and a confirmation is sent to the email address you registered with us. We reserve the right to adjust an order after sending an email with confirmation if the order cannot be completed or delivered for any reason.


3.3. Purchase guarantee


The items offered on this Webpage are a selection of products from Dukanjis partners stores.

Each product features the following details:

Name of the article
Photo of the article
Price (in the corresponding currency)

Special offers, promotions or discounts will be valid until the indicated date or while stocks last.

Similarly, Dukanji makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on its website is complete, accurate and correct. In the event of any error, Dukanji will proceed to correct it immediately.


3.4. Purchase procedure

Select the articles you wish to purchase and add them to the shopping basket, by clicking on the corresponding icon.

The shopping basket contains the reference of the selected item, its name, size and price in the corresponding country (including taxes). The quoted price does not include transport costs, which will vary according to the delivery method selected.

To proceed with the purchase, the user’s personal details will be required and will be included on our database in order to process the order and simplify future purchases via the Website. The personal details provided by users will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Users may, at any moment, access the personal details they have provided and information on the orders they have placed. Dukanji reminds users that their personal details must be as accurate as possible in order to avoid any confusion or errors in the dispatch of the item(s) purchased. Furthermore, wherever expressly requested by users, they will receive information and publications relative to the Dukanji by post and/or SMS.


Once the order has been completed, and before the order is confirmed, the user will be provided with an itemised summary of the order, identifying the item(s) purchased, the total price (including transport and taxes) and the order delivery details, in order for the user to confirm this by clicking on the 'Confirm and Pay' button.


Purchases may be paid for through our partner Bambora according to the following options:

1. Direct payment via credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard).

2. Invoice (14 days or 30 days)

3. Part payment.

4. Swish

For more information on payment and Bambora terms click here.


Payment method other than the ones specified in the present conditions of sale will not be accepted. For payments by credit or debit card, the charge will be made online, in other words, in real time, through the payment gateway of the corresponding financial entity, once it has been confirmed that the data sent by the user is correct.

Once the transaction has been confirmed, the order number will be displayed on the webpage, allowing users to track the order from their computer at any moment.

An automated order confirmation e-mail will also be sent to the address indicated by the user with acknowledgement of receipt, with a description of the order and the personal details provided. If you do not receive this e-mail, this could be due to a temporary communications problem in the network or an error in the e-mail address entered. In both cases, Dukanji advises the user to contact Customer Services. Similarly, an e-mail will be sent to the user confirming that the product has been dispatched.


3.5. Availability of products


All orders are subject to the products being available. If, at the time the order is issued, our warehouse detects that there are no stocks of any of the products included within it, Dukanji will make every effort to locate the item. If this is not possible, the user will be notified immediately. In addition, the amount charged for the unsent item will be refunded to the customer, using the same payment method used to purchase the item.


3.6. Right not to accept an order

Dukanji may cancel or refuse to accept any confirmed order on the following grounds:

1.       In the event of a technical and/or typing error in the prices or other details of products contained on the webpage when the order was placed.

2.       Due to a lack of availability, as described in point 3.5.

3.       When the security systems indicate that the order may be fraudulent.

4.       When there are reasons to indicate that the user is a minor.

5.       If Dukanji was unable to deliver the order to the address provided.

Dukanji will fully reimburse any sums that have been paid, after deducting shipping costs. please read point 4



4. Delivery

Delivery of items purchased at Dukanji.se will be carried out via an international courier company and delivered:

1.       in approximately 4 to 9 working days

2.       in the case of home delivery and from 3 to 6 working days

3.       in the case of deliveries to PostNord service point locations. Home and PostNord service point

Deliveries are free for orders over 700 kr, and charged at 69 kr in the case of orders below this amount.

Shipping cost is calculated based on weight. The maximum shipment limit is 20 kg, if the order exceeds 20 kg, a shipping fee will be added to the additional parcel.

Customers will have 14 days to collect the order from the chosen PostNord service point location. In order to do it, they will need to show their ID.

Orders can be tracked via PostNord Webpage or their application, indicating the location of the goods at each moment until final reception.

The delivery cost is calculated according to the delivery method chosen and the items purchased. The exact transport cost will be calculated every time an item is added to the shopping basket, and will be displayed on the order summary page that appears before the customer confirms the order by pressing the ‘Confirm Payment’ button, and before the credit card or debit card details are entered.

Orders cannot be delivered to military bases or PO boxes.

The delivery charges may be altered at any time without prior notice. Said change shall become effective from the moment the modification appears in the help pages and, in the contract, published on this Webpage. In all cases, the delivery charges that appear at the moment the order is placed shall apply.

Dukanji cannot guarantee that an order will be delivered in due time and cannot guarantee that all goods will be in stock at the time of ordering and cannot provide any compensation.

If an order is delayed due to a supplier not fulfilling its commitment to us, or delayed for any other reason, you as a customer have the right to cancel a purchase. Should this happen, you can always contact our customer service for assistance.


If you discover damage to a delivered package, you must immediately notify the postal representative / other carrier and make a claim notification. Do not retrieve a damaged package. If you do not detect the damage until you have opened the package, and the damage is such that it can be attributed to the mail or carrier's handling, you should contact them and make a claim with them. If you have ordered and do not pick up your shipment within 14 days (PostNord service-point), we will charge a fee of SEK 350 for our return work on handling the goods. Please note that if you cancel a purchase and wish to return the item, you must first collect your goods and then return them according to the descriptions for Undo rights and Complaints (see below for further information).


It is very important that you check your personal data before completing your purchase, as this may cause the package to return to us. If you have entered incorrect personal information such as telephone number or address, an administrative fee of SEK 150 will be charged. This fee is also charged at the time you choose not to receive your package upon delivery, then an administrative fee of SEK 150 will be charged.


4. Price and Payment

4.1. Payment and currency

The prices on this Webpage are quoted in SEK.

Dukanji allows users the option to select the destination country before placing their order, so that they can see the prices with the corresponding taxes included. If the customer subsequently modifies the delivery address and the destination country, the prices displayed in the final summary of the order may vary.


4.2 Taxes

In accordance with the current legislation, the sales will be subject to VAT, applying the current rate of VAT in the Member State in which the goods are delivered.


4.3. Payment methods

Dukanji only accepts payment provided by our partner Bambora via by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard), Invoices or Swish.

Payment by credit or debit card
Dukanji accepts payments for purchases made via its Website with the following credit or debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard via its partner payment getaway Bambora.

For payments by credit or debit card, the charge will be made online, in other words, in real time, through the payment gateway of the corresponding financial entity, once it has been confirmed that the data sent by the user is correct.

Bambora Invoice

Personal identification number will be needed to proceed with this payment method. The delivery address must be the same as the address registered with the customer's Personal number in order to ensure that the customer is who claims to be.

With Bambora Invoice, customers can buy their items now and pay within 30 days. Bambora will send the customers the invoice by email.

With Bambora Account, the payment can be splitted in 3 to 24 months and the amount payed each month can be chosen by the customer. This payment method has an administration fee of 30 SEK.

By choosing one of these payment methods, customers agree to the terms and conditions of Bambora. For more information, customers can visit Bambora.com



4.4. Payment security

In order to offer maximum security in the payment system, Dukanji uses the secure payment systems of the leading financial entities in e-commerce. Therefore, all confidential data is transferred directly and in an encrypted format (SSL) to the corresponding financial entity. For payment by Visa and MasterCard, Dukanji with its partners only accepts SET transactions (Secure Electronic Transactions) using the 3D Secure international protocol, which can be identified by the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode logos. The basic aim of the Secure Electronic Transactions initiative is to guarantee the security of Internet transactions. When you make payment through the secure payment gateway, the system will automatically check whether the credit card has been activated for Secure Electronic Transactions. Next, it will connect with the issuing bank of the card, which will request authorisation for the operation via a personal authentication code. The operation will only proceed if the issuing bank of the card confirms the authentication code. In all other cases, the transaction will be rejected. We also have the GeoTrust SSL safety certificate for online transactions.

As a complementary measure to the ‘Secure payment’ system, and in order to collaborate in the prevention of Internet fraud, Dukanji reserves the right to check the personal details provided by customers and to take the appropriate steps (including the cancellation of the order) in order to ensure that goods are dispatched in accordance with the data that is stated on the order.


4.5. Purchase limit

Dukanji does not permit the purchase of Mango products for subsequent resale. Consequently, it is not possible to make purchases for an amount that exceeds 5 000 kr, or for more than 60 items. Customers who wish to make purchases in excess of said amount or quantity for purposes other than resale should contact Customer Services, where they will be informed of the various options for making the desired purchase



5. Return Policy

We follow the Distance Agreements Act in accordance with the recommendations of the Swedish Consumer Agency. Under the distance contract law, you have the right to return ordered defective goods, provided that the goods are unused and undamaged. Notice of this must be provided as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) days from receipt of the item. The goods must be unused and undamaged, otherwise price reductions can be made on the value of the goods. Please note that food items are exceptions and that the right of withdrawal does not apply to these products. Please also note that if you return an item, we will incur a charge of 75 SEK.

For a refund, you need to provide the following information:

• Your order number,

• Your postal, bank transfer, personal or bank account number,

• Your name, address and telephone number; and

• Number of goods and product names you want to return.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our customer service at [email protected]

Dukanji will check that the return is within the permitted statutes and that the cancellation deadline has not expired before the goods are returned. The customer is responsible for the return cost and is responsible for the goods until they are provided by us. Returns must never be sent as a postal advance.

Our Return Address:  Åkaregatan 3, 673 32 Charlottenberg


6. Complaint

If you can prove that there are manufacturing defects in the product, we will send a new product. For more information about this please contact our customer service for further instructions.


7. Refund

In order to move forward the due date and you have not paid your invoice; it is you who is responsible for this being done. For help with this please contact Bambora on bambora.com or by phone 010 10 66 000. We will refund the entire purchase price including shipping cost after we have checked the returned item. You as the customer are responsible for the return shipping. We will refund the sum within 30 days, in accordance with the Distance Contracts Act.




8. Dispute

Should a dispute arise, you and we will first resolve it with our customer service. We follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board and refer otherwise to the European Commission's dispute resolution tool, which can be found at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/